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Grace Journal & Grace Books 

The Grace Journal is a Christian publication that will surprise you. How? You might think you have full knowledge on certain Bible subjects. This publication will add to your knowledge. You might not agree with the doctrinal discussions, but the only way you will be able to deny these truths is if you deny God's Word itself. I challenge you to take a look.
Grace journal
001 The Bible Version Issue
002 Pauls Prayer...Follow Who
003 Three lmportant Miracles...The Easter Bunny
004 Who Changed the Sabbath...No Word Stand Alone
005 The Rejoicing of My Heart...We Searched The Scriptures
006 Prehistoric Creatures On Display...Did The Body of Christ Begin in Acts 2
007 The Happy God...Plung The Depth of His Riches
008 Do You Really Want To Be Born Again...Did God Send The Drought Last Year
009 The Mystery Of Godliness
010 The Wisdom Of The Wisemen...An Inescapable Conclusion
011 The apostle of The Gentiles
012 The Mystry of Prayer...Walk with God
013 Three Revelations...Contemporary Issues
014 Temtation - Christs and Ours
015 Does Any One Know What Time It Is...Instruction For The Sick
016 Lying and Dying...You Must Trust Him
017 Is your good news really good news
018 Harvest Time
019 The key to understanding the bible
020 Incarnate Deity
021 Did Paul Break his Word
022 The age of accountability
023 Our Lords first sermon
024 The rest of the story
025 Three pivotal points
026 Two keys
027 The modern mistake of Moses
028 The weapons of our warfare
029 The beloved physician
030 Easter
031 A lesson for our times
032 What the resurrection of Christ means to us
033 Complete in Christ
034 All things new
035 Why Paul
036 Faithful stewards
037 Be strong in the Lord
038 The power of His might
039 When trouble comes
040 Miraculous demonstrations
041 Things the tongues movement will never face
042 The beatitudes Should we really live by them
043 Walking with God
044 The Real Miracle of Christmas
045 The middle wall of partition
046 Building strong believers
047 Is Jesus His own father
048 Can America be saved
049 Unanswered prayer
050 The real Christ of Christmas
051 Facing the 21st century .
052 Do we make too much of Paul
053 Temptation Christ's and ours
054 When the great commission went out of commission
056 Things tongue talkers don't talk about
057 Maximum security
058 The man who followed Judas
059 The great commission and Milwaukee police
060 The Sabbath question
061 Shoeless in the desert
062 Is the bible truly trustworthy
Grace books
Book 02 My Journey - Johny Varghese